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Working for Florida not Re election
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We need all Hands on deck

We Want To Make You A Part Of The Process

We Count on small donations from hard working people just like you.Our average contribution is less than $20. We need your support so our voice becomes the loudest in the room.

What Does A Vote For Mike Harvey Mean For You And Your Family?

Working For Florida, Not For Hire

Here Are a Small Portion of The Issues Before Us.

Advocating for Disability Rights


Mike is a fierce advocate for Floridians with disabilities and their families. Mike will work on behalf of all persons with disabilities to ensure they have fair and equitable access to health care, education, housing, and employment without the never ending, and overly complex red tape blocking relief that families desperately need.

Civil Rights and Criminal Justice Reform

Florida values  equality, justice and tolerance,  but we still have so much more work to do by reforming an antiquated criminal justice system. Implementing discovery reforms, and launching innovative re-entry programs to ensure a lower recidivism rate and fairness for all Floridians. 

Emergency Property Tax Relief for Homeowners effected by Covid-19

We are all familiar with the devastating effects that Covid-19 has had on all segments of our population. Many Florida Homeowners are already struggling to stay in their homes due to loss of income through no fault of their own. Homeowners should not be forced out of their homes because of a tax burden they cannot overcome temporarily . Lets protect homeowners by reducing the tax burden many Floridians are now finding themselves in.

Responsible Government Spending

Government, just like small business owners and families , must make smart decisions when it comes to fiscal responsibility. Mike will work hard to make sure we stretch every dollar of tax payers money.


Build Businesses Back Better

Covid-19 really hurt Florida business bad. We need to foster an environment for entrepreneurs that enables them to start businesses that create new jobs. Government bureaucracy and discriminatory regulations must be halted in their tracks. Florida business owners are smart. They understand that a healthy, happy, and safe worker, is a more productive one. They can create more jobs, offer more protections for their workers, and pay a living wage. We need to level the playing field, address issues facing innovative new startups and in return demand livable wages.

Education First

Students all across this state are suffering from the recent disruptions Covid-19 has caused in our classrooms. We need to give every advantage we can to our students and teachers. We need to put the resources in place to give students who need extra help the boost they need. We also need to increase the wages of our educators to reflect their role in shaping the future of our state.

Support Our Troops

We need to reward our front line heroes with more affordable housing options when they return home from their brave service.

Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness & Economic Recovery

 The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to always have a real plan of action when it comes to public health emergencies in the state of Florida. We need whole of government approach when it comes to protecting the health of our citizens and the health of our businesses.



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