Meet Mike

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Mike was born into a military family with public service in his DNA. He was born into low income housing and sent to live with his grandmother after his mother joined the Military in order to serve her country and provide a better life for her family. After graduation, Mike started a successful business with conservation and sustainability at it's core. Mike and his Wife are privileged to raise five beautiful children and an adopted dog named Charlie.


Experience With The Community

Mike Harvey is not a career politician out of touch with the issues of average Floridians. He is just like you. As the owner of a Family owned transportation company he was able to translate that success into a various other business including publishing. Mike started his entrepreneurship not with a loan from family , friends, or even a financial institution. He saved Three Thousand Dollars as a down, payment to purchase a town car which he used to transport his first customers. He turned that Town Car into a fleet of vehicles serving Hillsborough , Pasco, Polk County and the surrounding regions. Transporting over 1 million people throughout  the companies history, Mike has enjoyed the unique opportunity to talk with people from all across this great state and around the world, giving him insight in the triumphs and struggles of people across all walks of life a social economic backgrounds. As a business owner Mike has dealt with the effects of the pandemic first hand. He knows what it feels like to leverage everything you have, in order to protect the lively hoods of your employees, and provide light at the end of the tunnel.


Policy Priorites

Mike wants to bring awareness to the issues that challenge our environment and impact our ability to preserve our Eco system for generations to come.  As a Member of the Senate, Mike will promote a cleaner environment through education, corporate responsibility, and our shared love of our beloved Sunshine State.

We will bring fourth legislation, that gives Florida businesses the opportunity to bounce back from the devastating effects of Covid-19 and put protections in place to ensure this type of plague, does not plague the Floridian economy again.


As a disability rights advocate, Mike will bring the issues that face disabled citizens front and center in a way that has never been done before by providing aid, access, and dignity with speed and efficiency.

Mike has a plan to fight criminal justice reform head on, instead of ignoring the problem or punting the issues down the field.