Meet My Family

Meet the Tribe

Pictured above from left to right Mariah, Melanie, Savannah, Mya, and Michael JR..

“I'm very humbled by all of the support and endorsements I have received from community groups, government leaders, and even celebrities, but the endorsements that mean the most to me are from those closet to me. My Family. ”

Michael Harvey

“Michael Harvey is the best candidate for the Senate. He stands by his word, he sees things through and he has Floridians best interest at heart. A vote for Mike is a vote of effective, positive change in our community .”

Brandy Harvey

“My dad would be a great senator because of his love of reading, and comprehension of legislation. My dad has a great understanding of the laws and why they should be present. He knows how to compromise, and being able to compromise while being in the Senate will allow him to get his legislation through while still standing firm on his principles. My dad is a great interviewer and a great advisor. Most Importantly , my dad loves and adores the great state of Florida and wants to lead his team to success.”

Savannah Harvey (age 18)

“He would make a great Senator mainly because he is responsible, efficient, respectful, intelligent and a natural problem solver. He is a caring individual that shows compassion and support to people in your community and around joy. Also when he starts something he doesn't stop until he is finished, that shows that he is committed to his hob and will never quit of surrender. That is why I think he would make not a good, but a great Senator .”

Mya Harvey (age 14)

“Because he knows what he is doing unlike all the other one, plus he cares and knows about the problems that need to be solved .”

Michael Harvey Jr (age 10)

“He is nice , he can solve anything, he doesn't get mad easily and he is smart.”

Melanie Harvey (age 8)

“I think my dad is helpful and nice”

Mariah Harvey (age 6)

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