The Death of A Real Patriot

Updated: Jan 9

Today we learned of the death of Brian D. Sicknick, a US Capitol Police officer who died Thursday night. He died protecting the Capitol Building against domestic terrorist, attempting a coup. My thoughts and prayers are with his family tonight, however my thoughts and prayers will not fill his seat at the dinner table tonight. My thoughts and prayers will not comfort his wife and family tonight. My thoughts and prayers, along with those of millions of other decent people across this nation will not displace the fact that he died protecting members of Congress, some of who were actively on the floor of the Capitol lying to the American people. While people like Ted Cruz, and Mo Brooks, continued to tow the President’s line on election fraud, a real patriot, Brian D. Sicknick, was reportedly being beaten to death with a fire extinguisher.

We elect people to office to represent us, to defend the constitution, and pass legislation to keep us safe while we focus on our unalienable rights, "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Officer Brian Sicknick did not have to die. Everyone that knowingly and repeatedly spread these poisonous lies, that led to the insurrection at the Capitol, you are partially responsible for Brian’s death. You owe this nation, his family, and the truth, an apology. To those in charge of the security of the Capitol, why is the security strategy so different for Trump supporters vs BLM protestors. Had we seen the same presence of force that we saw while BLM protestors were assembled peacefully in a park, would officer Sicknick still be here today?

I have zero faith that any of you will do what is right and resign from your offices. For many any of you, it’s your ego, not your desire to carry out the business of the people, that got you elected in the first place. At the very least, you can dig down deep inside of yourself, find that little piece of soul you have left and stop this lie. Stop inciting your base with things you know not to be true, allegations shot down by over 60 judges including the Supreme court. Your constituents are smart. They don’t need to hear a fairy tale in order to follow you. If you legislate with the convictions of conscious, and lead with a servant’s heart, people of similar thoughts and beliefs will follow you without all of the theatrics and spectacle. Remember, if it were not for Officers like Brian, the outcome good have been a lot different. Those terrorists came into that building looking to attack members of Congress. It could have been YOU, that are in peoples thoughts and prayers right now. Let’s leave the Oscar worthy performances to Hollywood and bring this Nation back from the brink, into a new age of, patience, peace, and promise of a brighter tomorrow.

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