Thoughts about the Capitol Building insurrection.

Updated: Jan 9

It was a little over 200 years ago, when the building that represents the heart of our democracy was defiled by a foreign army at the direction of a British Monarch. Yesterday the Capitol Building was defiled not by a foreign army, but instead by domestic Anarchist, at the direction of The President of the United States. Although both men are separated by space and time, they are sewn together by a common thread. The arrogance to override the will of the American people. The most egregious error that binds these two, is the gross underestimate of the Spirt of the American people. We will regroup, we will rebuild, and we will rebound. Elections are won and lost, but the soul of America, has never lost, and will live on forever.

Democrats and Republicans must not let the opportunity to learn from this tragedy get lost in hour 24-hour news cycle. Democrats, we need to listen to the grievances that are felt by some of our fellow Americans. It would be naive to think we can solve all of our differences overnight, but it would be irresponsible not work together towards common ground. We have made historic strides this election cycle. Let those accomplishments shine on their own merit, there is no need to spike the football and add fuel to the fire that threatens to burn down the house which is our democracy.

To my Republican friends, I understand how it feels when your side does not win. I understand how it feels to be marginalized. I hear you when you say your concerned about your rights and privacy. As a minority in this country, I myself feel these pains and many more , far to often. That does not give anyone the right to demean each other or turn a deaf ear towards other side, for a fear of what you hear, might be true. Everyone with a microphone is not your friend nor do they have your best interest at heart. No matter how often a lie is repeated, it does not make it true.

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